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Transform Your Business In One Day!

Transform Your Business In One Day!

Transform Your Business In One Day with
Strategy, Landing pages, Videos, Followups and Ads

Transform Your Business In One Day
with a Rocket Fuel Retreat



Strategy + Execution + Speed = Results

The Rocket Fuel Retreat is a One Day intensive with our expert team where you walk away with a new digital strategy that brings radical clarity to your dream customers, a conversion focused landing website, powerful videos, email nurturing content, and MORE.

All in ONE DAY.

Fly or Drive into our wildly creative studio in Keller, TX for a Full Day you'll never forget.

What Get's Done In One Day?

Your Whiteboard Strategy Session

You start with a well-thought-out whiteboard strategy session, which helps to provide a clear and comprehensive understanding of your overall goals and how we can help you work towards those goals.

As you go through a story framework that positions you as the GUIDE and your dream customer as the HERO, it will create clarity for the rest of the day.

Your Landing Page Built
to Convert Leads

One great landing page can change the game when it comes to converting a visitor into a LEAD or a lead into a SALE.

You'll walk away with a high impact landing page that has all the critical parts needed to increase those conversions.

Your Story Telling Videos Created

The best way to tell stories is through video and you get a chance to be the star in your own video sales letter and Facebook ad! You'll get guided through the process, and can even read from a professional written script.

These videos help stop the scroll on social media, and drive engagement on the funnel.

Your High Performance
Video Ads Launched

Your ads get created AND launched with the right targeting, messaging and the videos you shot. You also get the ability to turn off/on the ads and adjust the budget at any time through your new dashboard.

Your Genie Rocket
Sales/CRM Automation

Genie Rocket is a CRM with internal automations and much more. We provide expert guidance and support in setting up and implementing Genie Rocket so that it will align with your business's goals and objectives.

Your Nurturing Sequence Created

The GR Team works with you to design, implement and optimize automated follow-up systems such as email campaigns, SMS campaigns, retargeting and more, ensuring that your leads and customers are nurtured and that you achieve your business objectives.

💜 Entrepreneurs Love Us

What Do Others Say?

More Testimonials


Mel Latu | Boss - Back Office Support Services

One FULL day! I spend most of my days working on other’s business so it was so fun to work on BOSS today! Business owners listen, Genie Rocket’s Rocket Fuel Retreat is a full one day marketing workshop focused just on your business. The deliverables that I left today’s session with are amazing and we can’t wait to see our new ad campaigns roll out! Brad’s team takes you out of your comfort zone and is so friendly! It was fun and I’m still in shock what we did in ONE DAY! Thank you Genie Rocket!!


Johnathan Brake | Slate + Glass

We've had such a great time getting to brainstorm, and actually put plans into action. These are ideas we have been dreaming of for months, but haven't made much progress on. At our Rocket Fuel Retreat, we were able to actually take action. We loved the Genie Rocket team! The retreat was incredible; truly revolutionary for our business.


Brian Laurita | NTS - Name That Shingle

Before we came into Genie Rocket we had a amazing program for roofers with good organic growth. After spending a couple days with our full team and their full team, we not only have clarity around our messaging, but a complete built out system to nurture our clients into monthly subscribers AND a system to attract new customers! We got a whiteboard strategy, landing page designs, videos shot and edited and everything launched in record time! We’re big fans of the Genie Rocket- Rocket Fuel Retreat!


Tonya Thomas | Pregnancy Help 4 U

Just yesterday I attended the Genie Rocket Fuel Retreat and it was the most productive day I've had in months when it comes to marketing. The team did everything -- and I mean EVERYTHING! I only needed to share a bit of info and they took my vision and ran with it. By the end of the day they created a complete marketing funnel for my event campaign that included content for emails and text messaging to my contacts. They created a brand new landing page for the event, all setup to take payments plus track engagement. And they developed three videos to strategically market the event, including Facebook ads. And as if that wasn't enough, they promoted my organization on their podcast. Everything they produced was top quality from serious yet personable professionals. I appreciated how they listened to my wants and needs, then executed a plan that exceeded my expectations. They get all of the stars!!! Thank you Genie Rocket team!


Parker Wright | Integratect Fabric Solution

The Genie Rocket team has been incredible to work with. Do yourself a favor and book your business a Rocket Fuel Retreat. You will leave with a ready to launch marketing makeover and the tools to revolutionize your business all in one day.


Tasha and Jason Jackson | The DRIPBaR Keller

The Rocket Fuel Retreat has given us a direction. We were lost on how to market our IV Drip Therapy business here in Keller, but Brad’s team hit the nail on the head. We now have a clear path to move forward. We consolidated and gained a lot of confidence in our journey moving forward. If you’re on the fence about getting a retreat, do it! You won’t regret it, the team meets you where you are, no matter what business you have.

Rocket Fuel Retreat VS Traditional Marketing Agency

  • Deep Dive into Revenue Growth Strategy

  • Customized High Quality Story Telling Videos

  • Built and Launched in One Day

  • Leads Start Coming in within 24-48 Hours

  • No Monthly Agency Management Fees

  • Only a Quick Discovery Call Without Depth

  • Generic Photos and Bland Videos

  • Weeks or Months Before Launch

  • Slow Results with Lots of Excuses

  • Never Ending High Priced Monthly Agency Fees

Want some in-depth case studies?

Hear how this process has changed a few entrepreneurs businesses AND lives

Revolutionized My Business!

Over the course of half a year, starting from March and stretching up to August, we had the absolute pleasure of teaming up with our wonderful client, Tina Caron.

Together, we achieved something truly special. Through our collaborative efforts, we managed to bring in a total of 187 leads that were not just numbers but potential connections for Tina's business to flourish.

The cherry on top? We did this with a cost per lead of only $23.21 - talk about efficiency! This success story isn't just about data; it's about Tina's dedication and our shared journey to make her business thrive.

We're not just partners; we're cheerleaders in her growth story, and we're eagerly looking ahead to achieve even more remarkable milestones together.

"Genie Rocket's workflows and automations have revolutionized our business. With this amazing marketing tool, we effortlessly streamline our processes, saving valuable time and resources. The ability to automate repetitive tasks and personalize customer interactions has greatly enhanced our efficiency and overall impact. Genie Rocket is a game-changer!"

Tina Caron
Tina Caron - Portraits, Fine Art, & Headshots

Changed How We Operate...

The DRIPBaR Keller's collaboration with Genie Rocket has yielded remarkable results, with an impressive 368 leads generated from the end of December to February, breaking franchise records.

This significant achievement underscores the effectiveness of their advertising strategy and the quality of leads obtained through our partnership. What's even more remarkable is that these results were achieved with a relatively modest ad spend of $2046.39, reflecting the efficiency of their investment.

The DRIPBaR Keller's commitment to wellness and health is clearly resonating with their audience, and their collaboration with Genie Rocket has proven to be a winning formula in reaching and engaging potential customers.

"We use Genie Rocket everyday in our business. We are so thankful to have found this tool. It truly changed how we operate our business. The level of commitment to their clients needs is truly admirable, we love the weekly office hours! On the fence? Get it!"

Tasha & Jason Jackson
The DRIPBaR Keller

Generated over $40,000!

The Facebook Ad results for Pregnancy Help 4 U's "Hope Is Rising Gala" campaign are nothing short of impressive. With a total ad spend of $695 over the course of 30 days, the campaign generated a remarkable 47 high-quality leads, showcasing the effectiveness of their advertising efforts.

These ads garnered an impressive 22,320 impressions, highlighting their reach and engagement within their target audience. Perhaps the most noteworthy achievement was the cost per result, which came in at just $14.80, reflecting the campaign's efficiency in delivering tangible outcomes for Pregnancy Help 4 U.

We're thrilled to report that with our help, Pregnancy Help 4 U garnered a remarkable 60 total donations, collectively amounting to an impressive sum of over $40,000. These numbers are a testament to the hard work and commitment of our team, rallying behind their cause. Each contribution represents a step closer to achieving our mission to make a meaningful impact for businesses just like yours.

"Genie Rocket created this amazing landing page with a welcome video, with a purchasing option and sponsorships, and I got a notification whenever a ticket was sold AND the nurturing continued! From that ad we've gotten 49 new leads that we've never gotten before and we generated over $40,000 in ticket sales!

Tonya Thomas
Pregnancy Help 4 You

More Transformational Videos? Ok!

Meet Brad Parnell


Strategic Visionary & Marketing Expert

Brad believes every business has a great story to tell, and deserves the right platform to share their story.

Unfortunately most businesses fails not because the product or service isn't excellent, but because they get beat out by someone that has their message broadcasted LOUDER than them. (usually with an inferior product).

With a top rated podcast, national speaking gigs and thriving marketing workshop program, Brad Parnell is personally leading each of these Rocket Fuel Retreats with his full focus and strategic insights to help you win big and win fast.

You'll love is enthusiastic personality, lightning fast ideas, and speedy executions to help you get results.

Brad has built a team of experts to help execute these retreats and pulls them in as needed and hand selects the right team for the job.


Message from Brad Parnell

Hey there! 👋

Because you are reading this, you are the 2% of entrepreneurs that are high performers and serious about your growth.

I already like you :)

I understand there are a lot of self proclaimed marketing guru's and experts out there. There is so much noise for every industry and every niche, and it's hard to know who to trust.

You deserve to work with someone that not only takes the time to learn about your business, but also what goals you have set out to achieve.

·Are you wanting to take a wild family vacation this year?

· Hit 6 figures personally this year?

· Make your first 7 figures in business?

· Make a larger impact in your community?

· Create more time freedom to show up at school events for kids?

My personal mission is to help as many people as possible not just build systems for their business that help them hit their goals, but to continue to help them hit business and personal breakthroughs in their journey.

We are all on a continued journey in a world that changes every day. I'm still learning, just like you.

I sure hope I get the chance to work with you and celebrate your wins along the way.

I Can't Wait to Get You In Here!

Your next step is to start with a complimentary consultation.

We'll learn about your business goals and discuss if this is a good solution for your business.

"blew my mind"

"it only took one day"

"tremendous experience"

"would have taken months - we did it one day"

"My brain was unpacked on these whiteboards"

"helped us strategize our message"

"Innovative strategies on how to reach our clients"

"Fly out and do it!"

"Going to help us convert so much more..."

"Experience unlike anything I've had before"

"Extracted 15 years of experience on ONE DAY"

"When they say rocket fuel, it's an understatement..."

Do I have to come to you?

We occasionally do off-sites with our team, which is an additional cost for travel, just email [email protected] for additional information.

Do I need Genie Rocket CRM?

Yes, we build out funnels and implement strategies all within Genie Rocket. If you don't already have the tool, we'll help you get setup before your retreat.

What ROI Should I Expect?

When you follow the process and invest in traffic strategies to go into your funnel, you should see at least a 10X return within 12 months by following this process. This is NOT a guarantee.

What do I walk away with?

You'll get focused strategy and coaching along with videos shot for your funnel, a website funnel framework built in your account based on the strategy, sales emails written, a lead magnet created, and your funnel completed with design elements 5 Business days

Where do I stay?

We have a Hampton Inn right across the street that are included in the experience.

Is This Right For Me?

If you are a growth-motivated entrepreneur or business owner and have a product or service and looking to grow, this is right for you..

The entire day is built around

moving the needle for your business.